Children's Dentistry

At Smile Care we believe that preventive dentistry and good dental hygiene habits can go a long way in keeping children’s teeth healthy for the rest of their lives. We emphasize on starting dental check –ups for toddlers, keeping regular visits a must and detecting dental problems early so as to minimize the intervention required. Our experts make the dental experience for children friendly and pain free.

During regular visits Experts at Smile Care monitor and assess the growth pattern of the child’s jaw and teeth and suggest interceptive orthodontics wherever necessary.

Preventive Dentistry

Sealants are resins or plastic materials which are usually applied on to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth i.e. molars and premolars. These materials flow into the natural grooves and pits, and seal them, thus protecting these susceptible areas from decay.

Professional fluoride applications at regular intervals helps strengthen tooth enamel against cavities.

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Treatment of dental decay

Fillings:  Decay can be caused due to a multitude of reasons such as improper maintenance, tooth position, diet habits etc. Once decayed the tooth can be treated using a suitable filling material to replace the lost portion of the tooth. If the tooth has extensive damage, a root canal treatment and/or a crown may be advised. Sometimes if the tooth is not salvageable an extraction may be advised.

Root Canal Treatment: If the tooth has extensive damage, a root canal treatment and/or a crown may be advised. This will help eradicate the deep infection of the tooth and help save the tooth to perform all its functions.

Extraction: Sometimes if the tooth is not salvageable and is damaged beyond repair, an extraction may be advised. The extractions are done under anaesthesia and we pride ourselves in expert pain control and virtually painless extractions making it a comfortable experience for children.

Space Maintenance

These are devices used to maintain the space of a prematurely lost or extracted primary tooth until its permanent tooth is ready for eruption in its place.

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Injuries to teeth

Injuries or trauma to teeth, mouth and face of infants and children occur frequently and should not be ignored even in the absence of pain or bleeding. Early observation and treatment of such injuries determines the success of treatment rendered to a great extent.

Special Needs of Special Children

Special children are very susceptible to dental decay, trauma and gum disease due to a multitude of reasons such as their diet, limited motor abilities, medications, challenges posed for regular hygiene maintenance, etc. Prevention of these problems is possible, if the parents and the dentist can work as a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

When children start teething they get irritable and may experience signs like drooling, restlessness, loss of appetite etc. If your child shows such sign, they need to be assessed by your doctor. Use cold or frozen rubber teething ring to comfort your child as they try to chew anything during teething.

Toothpaste is a foaming agent, help to clean all the plaque and food remnants. Dentist recommends fluoridated toothpaste to use cleaning your kid's teeth also for the family. Some medicated toothpaste used on the advice of your dentist only.

Brushing and flossing mean maintaining oral hygiene and it can only be achieved by proper and methodical brushing of teeth. Proper brushing technique cleans away the plaque, food accumulation and keeps the breath fresh if done at least twice a day. Use fluoridated toothpaste which makes the enamel more resistant to bacterial attack responsible for decay. Use a soft bristle toothbrush with an angle of 45 degrees in a circular motion starting from back teeth to the front followed by inner part of the teeth. Also, don't forget to replace your toothbrush for every 3-4 months as soon as the bristles are frayed or for best results.

Off course, clean the baby’s mouth and gums and tongue with a wet clean cloth also feed them water after every meal to assure their mouth is free of any food remnants.

What Our Patient's Say

  • I consulted Dr Ratnadeep Patil when I was suffering from a condition (constant bilateral eye pain)related to TemporoMandicular joint ) which couldn't get identified and treated by other doctors. I had made visits to multiple specialists across the country.  I was severely depressed at that time. I must confess that  it was the first time I got hope that I could live a normal and healthier life. Dr Ratnadeep Patil is a highly knowledgeable and confident doctor who also posses the key qualities of a doctor i.e. patience, understanding patient's problem, providing comfort to the patient and giving ample time to him/her. For the treatment of this condition, I had made multiple visits to the doctor and found him to be same as he was during the first visit. Slowly, my condition started improving and now I can say that I do not have any eye pain from past 6 months. My life has changed now. I would also like to acknowledge that not only Dr Patil but all staff members of his clinic are highly experienced and more importantly, are good human beings. 

    Neha Jalan

  • Dear Dr Ratnadeep Patil, My congratulations to you for  your dedication and professional capability in establishing an institution like Smile  Care. Your personality seems to infuse the place as I remember all the warm and smiling faces that always welcomed me during my numerous visits. The quality of your work and your team's work was excellent and caring. After many years my bite is normal. My heartfelt thanks to you and Dr.Dimple who looked after me with great care and skill. And a special thanks for the gratis enamel on my two front teeth.

    Mr. Vilas Khopkar

  • I come to Smile Care Clinic because everyone does a fabulous job, especially Dr Ratnadeep Patil and Dr Anjali Dilbhagi. The reception staff are very efficient with appointments and reminders. I totally recommend Smile Care for all your dental work.

    Noorie Gada

  • Indeed, a great & happy experience to visit Smile Care for an annual dental check up. Needless to mention appointments are respected & there is no waiting. The place is neat & clean with a warm welcome! No commercial angle while treatment as you are informed of details with mirror to self-recognise status of your teeth. Then treatment from you Dr Aditi is ever soft & tender May God bless you & your team at Smile Care!


    Mr.Krishna Goenka

  • I have the upmost respects for the medical staff at Smile Care. I am a longtime patient, I can truly say I have had a positive and satisfactory results here.  Your staff has a personal touch especially Dr. Anjali and are extremely professional- Dr. Patil. They will make sure you are comfortable with your procedure and take time with each case. They have always been clear and concise with what my procedure would entail and communication is always very clear. Friendly, positive and dedicated are words that come to mind when thinking about the staff at Smil Care. I would definitely highly recommend and have recommended Smile Care.

    Madeline Sodhi