India International Dental Congress

Furthering its commitment to modernizing dentistry in India, Smile Care has gone beyond the CDE programs into Dental conferencing, wherein a large audience in India can benefit from world renowned speakers from Across the globe. Since its inception in 2007, The India International Dental Congress- A biannual International conference for the dental fraternity, has been successfully providing a platform for scientific exchange and positive change.

The India International Dental Congress is themed - "Enriching Talent With Innovations" and aims to encourage a multidisciplinary dialogue and equip Dentists with current global changes in this field. The congress provides an exciting opportunity for developing new practice strategies by combining finest ideas and sound experience.

The Congress addresses multiple disciplines and offers:

  • Rare combination of the world's most sought speakers
  • Systematically planned courses to maximize the clinician's benefit
  • Focused effort to gain knowledge of materials and techniques
  • Interactive talks that will showcase the latest innovations in dental products
  • Newest trends and revolutionary concepts presented through state-of-the-art media

The conference creates an ideal platform for progressive practitioners, who want to develop a cutting edge practice, to interact and share expertise with the Dental trade fraternity and gear up to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

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