Courses Offered

Various levels of programs are available and participants can choose a program which is suitable for their need depending on their area of interest and learning.

Quick Start Programs

are broad based, indepth programs to give direct exposure and learning from experienced clinical teachers. These programs are designed to meet the needs of practitioners and provide a platform for scientific discussion and exchange.

  • Implant QSP (includes implant placement in patients)
  • Esthetic QSP
  • Comprehensive Dentistry QSP
Beta Series

Beta Series is a 16 hour clinical excellence, limited attendance program which is mentor driven where the participants will experience one to one learning and hands on in a very systematic way. It is one of its kind of program that helps both experienced and novice trainers to polish their skills. This is a practical and constructive training mentor based module being offered in 3 titles

    • Prostho beta
    • Resto beta
    • Endo beta
Fast Track Dental Programs

Fast track programs are focused, intense programs ideal for busy practitioners that provide relevant clinical insights and tips on various procedures and topics. Structured carefully with hands-on training these provide immediate spin-off benefits to the participants. The research articles and textbook handouts serve as long term reference material, they could be conducted over the weekends as weekend programs, may be only live surgical programs or custom designed programs.

  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • All Ceramic restorations
  • Advanced Smile Designing
  • Rotary Endodontics
  • Soft tissue augmentation
  • Hard tissue augmentation
  • Sinus lift surgeries
  • Immediate extraction implant
International Certificate Dental Program

International Certificate Program-A short term advanced education course for dentists practicing outside the United States. The teaching staff includes NYU College of Dentistry faculty, alumni and outstanding educators from other institutions and private practice.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, participants are eligible to receive the Certificate of achievement by the Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program at New York University, College of Dentistry. Certificate of achievement will be awarded in either:

  • Esthetic Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation
  • Implant Dentistry and Oral Rehabilitation
Smile Care Digital Courses

Smile Care offers a certified, mobile friendly, technologically-driven, remote education platform with dental courses which are senior mentor driven and specialized to suit the needs of clinical practitioners across the world. The courses are available at BASIC, ADVANCED and EXPERT levels.


Our Continuing Dental Education programs provide immediate spinoff benefits to the participants and they are equipped with knowledge that they can apply right away in their practices. Here is what some of our participants have to say about CDE at Smile Care

  • Very Good Facility and co-operative staff. Thank you.

    Dr. Shehnaz Vauharia

  • The Staff is co-operative and the atmosphere is very good. I am very happy to do this course. Thank you.

    Dr. Manju Nenwani

  • Perfect Course, Perfect Material, Perfect People, Perfect Staff, Perfect Atmosphere. Words fall short describing the hospitality, courtesy and help and of course ambiance.

    Dr. Mohit Makkar

  • Wonderful premises & staff. Would love to attend further courses & hands on at Smile care. Great Job.

    Dr. Sunita Gupta

  • Enjoyed learning every detail of dentistry at Smile care. 

    Dr. Khushboo Gadia

  • Course was nice & very informative.

    Dr. Zulfriqar Khan

  • Loved the way Dr. Patil explains stuff. Would love to learn & work with him.

    Dr. Neekitr Blave

  • Great Teachers, mentors & doctors interaction.

    Dr. Manali

  • An Awesome learning experience with great hospitality & knowledge deliverance. 

    Dr. Akshay Ranade

  • Super warm staff, excellent ambience. Everything beyond words, just love to be at Smile care now & always.

    Dr. Harleen Oberoi

  • Excellent new premises, loved to attend lectures here.

    Dr. Sharika

  • Over all a wonderful experience, staff was very kind & friendly. The Facility was modern & upto date. Fantastic experience, had a great time and learned a lot. 

    Dr. Jay Thakker

  • An Excellent place to learn & gain knowledge. The staff & doctors are extremely cooperative & helpful. It has been a wonderful experience to get to learn from one of the best.

    Dr. Isha Singh