Gum Treatments

Gum disease is a silent disease and around 75 % population has some kind of a of gum problem even without being aware of its existence. The extent of the disease however varies from individual to individual depending on how they maintain their oral hygiene. A gum disease shows up as an infection in the gums (commonly known as pus in the gums or pyorrhoea) and therefore also affects the bones once it gets to be rather severe. There is bone loss down into and around each of the teeth and teeth start becoming loose. Pain is never associated with this disease whereas, occasional bleeding during brushing, foul smell of the mouth, gaps in teeth, loose teeth could be some of the symptoms one could experience. When that happens bacteria can take up residence and it can become a systemic problem including problems related to the heart more than just an oral problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

The teeth will not loosen because of the cleaning procedure instead it help to fix the loose teeth. The teeth are arranged firmly within the bone surrounded by gums. If the tartar accumulated around the teeth causes infection to the gums and bone. This leads to lowering of bone and gum levels followed by gaps between teeth. So it is necessary to clean the teeth once in every 6 months which stop the gum and bone from receding.

Gum bleeding associated with many factors such as

  • * Accumulation of tartar around and beneath of gum
  • * Using a hard bristle tooth brush
  • * Intake of some medicines such as anti-epileptic drugs
  • * Some health problems such as Diabetes
  • * A dental professional can easily detect the cause and suggest proper treatment options.

Bad breath also called halitosis is a common problem which is associated with not only dental problems but some systemic diseases like diabetes, acidity etc. Also, bad breath develops due to a negligence of oral hygiene, pyorrhea in gums, food accumulation in decayed teeth, unclean tongue. Dentist, recommend the use of a mouthwash, proper brushing/flossing techniques and treat the existing dental decay or gum problems.

Chewing sugarless gum initiates saliva secretion which works as a natural mouthwash to cleanse in between the teeth and avoid accumulation of bacteria, also by dissolving the volatile sulfur molecules responsible for bad breath.

Brushing help to clean the teeth and remove soft deposits called plaque and the decay-causing bacteria but it cannot clean the particle stuck between teeth and under the gumline. Flossing every day keeps the teeth clean plus prevents the of plaque build-up in the difficult areas. Dental floss is a thread made of nylon helps to remove food particles between the adjacent teeth and near the gums. They are of different types like twisted, smooth and by using your index finger and thumb gently guided between two teeth and moved up and down to the gum line to remove the plaque and food particles.

The main reason, dentist suggest quitting tobacco is a development of oral cancer. The risk increases with the years and number of cigarettes smoked each day. Apart from cancer, smoking is responsible for tooth stains, delayed healing of a lesion in the mouth, bad breath and increased the severity of gum disease.

What Our Patient's Say

  • I consulted Dr Ratnadeep Patil when I was suffering from a condition (constant bilateral eye pain)related to TemporoMandicular joint ) which couldn't get identified and treated by other doctors. I had made visits to multiple specialists across the country.  I was severely depressed at that time. I must confess that  it was the first time I got hope that I could live a normal and healthier life. Dr Ratnadeep Patil is a highly knowledgeable and confident doctor who also posses the key qualities of a doctor i.e. patience, understanding patient's problem, providing comfort to the patient and giving ample time to him/her. For the treatment of this condition, I had made multiple visits to the doctor and found him to be same as he was during the first visit. Slowly, my condition started improving and now I can say that I do not have any eye pain from past 6 months. My life has changed now. I would also like to acknowledge that not only Dr Patil but all staff members of his clinic are highly experienced and more importantly, are good human beings. 

    Neha Jalan

  • Dear Dr Ratnadeep Patil, My congratulations to you for  your dedication and professional capability in establishing an institution like Smile  Care. Your personality seems to infuse the place as I remember all the warm and smiling faces that always welcomed me during my numerous visits. The quality of your work and your team's work was excellent and caring. After many years my bite is normal. My heartfelt thanks to you and Dr.Dimple who looked after me with great care and skill. And a special thanks for the gratis enamel on my two front teeth.

    Mr. Vilas Khopkar

  • I come to Smile Care Clinic because everyone does a fabulous job, especially Dr Ratnadeep Patil and Dr Anjali Dilbhagi. The reception staff are very efficient with appointments and reminders. I totally recommend Smile Care for all your dental work.

    Noorie Gada

  • Indeed, a great & happy experience to visit Smile Care for an annual dental check up. Needless to mention appointments are respected & there is no waiting. The place is neat & clean with a warm welcome! No commercial angle while treatment as you are informed of details with mirror to self-recognise status of your teeth. Then treatment from you Dr Aditi is ever soft & tender May God bless you & your team at Smile Care!


    Mr.Krishna Goenka

  • I have the upmost respects for the medical staff at Smile Care. I am a longtime patient, I can truly say I have had a positive and satisfactory results here.  Your staff has a personal touch especially Dr. Anjali and are extremely professional- Dr. Patil. They will make sure you are comfortable with your procedure and take time with each case. They have always been clear and concise with what my procedure would entail and communication is always very clear. Friendly, positive and dedicated are words that come to mind when thinking about the staff at Smil Care. I would definitely highly recommend and have recommended Smile Care.

    Madeline Sodhi